In Fall 2020, I led the development of ShopTalks, a new, faculty-facing series of workshops and invited talks sponsored by the College of Liberal and Create Arts’ College Undergraduate Research Experience. The series is aimed at connecting colleagues across campus interested in expanding the culture of research on campus. 

Over two days in October, STEM, humanities, and arts instructional faculty, researchers, and educators from all SFSU Colleges and units attended the first ShopTalk workshop, “Agile Research Studio: Orchestrating Student Research Across Disciplines,” which focused on involving students in faculty research, using project-based learning in classes, streamlining student mentoring, and growing the research culture at SFSU.

I opened the event by moderating a Q&A with guest lecturer Haoqi Zhang, founder of Agile Research Studio, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Breed Junior Professor of Design at Northwestern University.

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