Reason Not the Need Mobile AR

Reason Not the Need is an interactive mobile AR adaptation of the thunderstorm scene from William Shakespeare’s King Lear. Through the use of volumetric video, motion-capture animation, and affordances like semantic object recognition and collider boxes, Reason transforms the user’s own bathroom into Shakespeare’s stormy heath. Inspired by the impact of the pandemic on live theatre and daily life, Reason explores themes of isolation, madness, and the ways in which immersive, connected technologies turn vulnerable private space into theatricalized space.

Reason has been generously supported by The George and Judy Marcus Fund for Excellence in the Liberal Arts, San Francisco State University’s School of Theatre & Dance, and a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

Volumetric video capture of actor Aldo Billingslea playing the role of King Lear.
Hand-drawn inspiration sketch for the Fool from King Lear
Early prototype model of the Fool

Test animation of the Fool using Deepmotion video to 3D.

Prototype in progress; expected early summer 2021.

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