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fabula (noun) fab·u·la \ˈfabyələ\: story; usually: a traditional tale

In 2016, I launched the Fabula(b) theatre and new media incubator to imagine, create, and critically analyze the impact of emergent technologies on the future of performance-based work. During my doctoral candidacy at Northwestern University, Fabula(b) was hosted by Northwestern’s innovation incubator, The Garage. When I joined the faculty at San Francisco State University as an assistant professor of theatre studies, I relaunched Fabula(b) on campus.

Fabula(b)’s projects are the practice-oriented complement to my critical research, which interrogates liveness, presence, and interactivity in immersive performance, both analog and digitally rendered.

To design and build projects at Fabula(b), students from a range of majors—theatre, animation, design, computer science, decision sciences, and information systems—collaborate on teams with SFSU faculty and visiting professional artists. As they experiment with technologies like XR and geolocated sound, student researchers learn the valuable skills and roles prized by the new creative economy.

At SFSU, Fabula(b) has been supported by The George and Judy Marcus Fund for Excellence in the Liberal Arts, the School of Theatre & Dance, and a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

At Northwestern, Fabula(b)’s projects were supported by Microsoft, the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts, the Segal Design Fellowship.